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Tumi Yenwo

MP Mike Freer Supporting Tumi Yenwo work
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This piece of art is another fine expression of the beauty of the seasonal change, sensitivity, and love for nature, but this time it was painted over fabric creating a beautiful cushion cover to adorn your living room.

NTUMNYUY, popularly known as Tumi was born in Paris at L,Hopital Neuilly Sur Sein into a very loving and caring family of which he is the fifth child and are originally from Cameroon. Since birth, he has been surrounded by so much love and care that he has transferred these qualities in his daily life with whatever he embarks on in his life journey. His impairment with limited social interaction and communication skills has never been an issue to us and with all the positive reinforcement he has overcome these barriers by applying his full potential especially in his artworks.

Tumi’s family have contributed relentlessly to give him a very impressive quality of life whereby they know the word capability not a disability as every child/one has got special talents in them but is how their environment and their associates tap them out. Above all this, are his parents GODFREY AND GERALDINE who have sacrificed all to give him the opportunity for achieving his potentials and being well recognised with his epic art skills sculpture/ modeling and related fields. We are forever grateful to the services that have made the journey to his potentials achievable and it continues…


When Tumi was younger, he didn’t understand the world around him, nor did he understand language. He lived completely inside his own world and struggled with practically everything in his life. He got himself through every day by studying, memorizing and copying other people’s behaviour, language and customs. Even though at first everything he said and did was all just copied, he slowly made it his own until he was confident enough to try to find his own words and language inside himself.

He went from being a very scared and shy person who didn’t understand any language and was hard to reach, to a person who is able to express himself, who has quite an amount of self-knowledge  and especially somebody who is highly recognised for his fine manners and well educated and polite, of course there has been a great mum by his side all of his life, a mum as special as this unique and remarkable artist who is delivering beautiful pieces and where his limited condition became a secondary matter in his life.


Tumi’s deep inspirations and personal messages come to the surface in these artworks, hope you enjoy them and be inspired by them.

Prints for sale

The original master paintings are not available for sale anymore however they are available now as high-quality archival inkjet prints. They are colour matched with the original and printed onto acid-free paper for a very high-quality reproduction.
Limited edition of 100 individually signed (unframed)

To buy prints of Tumi’s artwork please fill out the form below specifying the number you want to order and we will send you instructions to make the payment.

Landscape Collection

Landscape Printed Image (unless otherwise specified: 60cm (w) x 40cm (h)

Price: £99 each

Portrait Collection

Portrait: Printed image (unless otherwise specified): 35cm (w) x 50cm (h)

Price: £69 each


Tumi has a series of awards and his work has been well recognised locally in Barnet, London, nationally in the UK as well as internationally and his masterpieces are held in a number of important collections.

He attended the Community Focus Barnet that contributed enormously to his artistic development where he obtained a Bronze Award from the Guildhall and then further studied Fine Art in Oak Lodge School East Finchley where he had his GCSE in Art and related subjects. Currently, he is attending Hampstead School of Arts where he is reaching his full potential as can be seen in most of the artworks on this website.

Some recognitions…

Tumi Yenwo Autistic Artist UK - Artwork to Print - Buy Printed Canvas
Tumi Yenwo Autistic Artist UK - Artwork to Print - Buy Printed Canvas
Tumi Yenwo Autistic Artist UK - Artwork to Print - Buy Printed Canvas
Tumi Yenwo Autistic Artist UK - Artwork to Print - Buy Printed Canvas
Tumi Yenwo Autistic Artist UK - Artwork to Print - Buy Printed Canvas


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